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AmeriGlide Lexington
487 E New Circle Rd Suite #130
LexingtonKY    40505
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9-5 Monday-Friday
Dumbwaiters 1 (866) 292-2212
Elevators1 (866) 292-2212
Incline Platform Lifts 1 (866) 292-2212
Stair Lifts 1 (866) 292-2212
Vehicle Lifts 1 (866) 292-2212
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Vertical Lifts - Commercial 1 (866) 292-2212
Walk-In Tubs 1 (866) 292-2212
General Sales 1 (866) 292-2212
Fax: (859) 406-1318

AmeriGlide is the largest stair lift and vertical lift provider in the United States. From our offices in beautiful Lexington, Kentucky, we apply our years of experience in this industry so that our customers can regain the mobility and freedom they want and deserve.

Our stair lift and vertical lift team of experts are the most experienced in the country! We will be happy to help you with any questions you may have either in person or over the phone. We are dedicated to helping you solve your mobility and accessibility requirements.