How to Choose a Contractor for a Bathroom Modification


A licensed, insured contractor with ample experience is a must when doing bathroom modifications.How to Choose a Contractor for a Bathroom Modification


Finding a reliable and qualified contractor can be a challenge. It can be even more challenging when you're looking for someone to do a bathroom modification, because not all contractors have had experience installing things like walk in tubs. It's important that you make sure any construction professionals you choose are familiar with walk in tubs to make the installation process faster and less likely to be delayed because of problems.


When you're ready to make bathroom modifications such as the addition of a walk in tub, you should have a set budget in mind. This can help you narrow down the choice of contractors based on their estimates. It's important to never just hire the first contractor you speak with, but instead get quotes from several qualified professionals in your area to compare.


It's rarely the best idea to choose a contractor based solely on price, however. Sometimes if you choose the cheapest option, you end up with more problems that the savings is worth. The most expensive contractor also might be out of your price range. Look for a reasonable price as well as a reasonable time limit for completing the work when you evaluate quotes and estimates for the installation of your walk in tub.


Make sure any contractor you're considering is properly licensed and insured. It's not enough for the contractor to have a business license. He should be properly licensed by the state you're in, and properly insured in case any accidents happen on your property. Ask the contractor about his license and ask to see proof of it. If there's any hesitation, then you should contact someone else.


A good way to find reliable contractors is to contact building supply stores in your area where contractors may buy lumber, plumbing supplies and other equipment. They will often let you know about professionals in the area who do a great deal of business through them. Word of mouth is also another good measuring stick. Ask friends, family and neighbors about contractors who have done work for them and whether they recommend them.


It's important when you're considering a bathroom modification that you get not just a reliable and trustworthy contractor, but one with ample experience in what you need done. If you choose one that has never installed a walk in tub before, you're taking the risk that the contractor's inexperience could cause problems. While a professional is most likely going to be able to do a good job no matter what you throw at him, finding one with experience is always the best option.


Ask about the contractor's experience with walk in tubs, how many he's installed and how many bathroom modifications for overall accessibility he might have done. Make sure the contractor understands the importance of the modifications, and get the estimate and quote in writing with the timeframe included rather than relying on a verbal agreement. If you haven't had any construction done on your bathroom in some time, allow some extra in your budget for hidden leaks or problems the contractor might discover, as well.


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