How to Clean Your Walk In Bathtub


Follow these simple instructions to keep your walk in bathtub clean.How to Clean Your Walk In Bathtub


Cleaning a walk in bathtub isn't drastically different from cleaning a standard bathtub. You'll still want to remove soap scum and water spots while protecting the tub's surface. The main difference is that a walk in bath tub has a door that must seal water-tight. You don't want to do anything that might compromise that seal. Take some general precautions when cleaning, and you'll keep your walk in bathtub in top condition for years.


Chances are your walk in bath tub is either made from acrylic or fiberglass. Either way, you'll need to use a non-abrasive cleanser to avoid scratching the surface and making it dull over time. If you find you have stains or build-up that requires scrubbing, then you need to clean your tub more often. If you thoroughly wipe out the tub two or three times a week, even without using any kind of cleanser, you'll have fewer water spots and less soap scum to deal with.


After use, thoroughly drain the tub and keep a large towel handy that you'll only use to dry the surfaces of your bathtub. This removes any water that will evaporate and leave minerals and deposits behind. If you do this regularly, you should never really have a stain or anything that requires scrubbing or abrasion. This will help the surface of your tub stay shiny and clean for years.


If you do find you have a spot or stain that's not coming off easily, don't switch to something abrasive. A soft brush or plastic scrubber designed not to scratch and some mild soap should be the hardest thing you use. A special cleaning product from your local store designed for bathtubs can help with tough spots. Use the brush or soft scrubber for a moment, and then soak the spot with the cleaning solution. Let it set for about 15 minutes. If it still won't come clean, keep repeating that until the spot is gone. If you switch to something abrasive you might get the spot, but you'll also run the risk of scratching and damaging the surface.


Some people use special bathtub and shower sprays after each use to hinder water spots and mildew. If you dry your walkin bath tub each time, you should have no problems with either of these things without the expensive of buying these products. You should also be aware that these types of products might leave the surface slick next time you to use it, and could damage the gasket that seals the door over time.


Avoid using anything abrasive and corrosive, especially around the door and gasket. An occasional wipe with a damp cloth followed by a soft dry one can help keep this area clean and in good working order. Mild soap and water can be used when necessary, but don't forget to dry the area gently to prolong the life of the seal. Drying your walk in bathtub when not in use is probably the single most important thing you can to do make cleaning easier and avoid spots and stains that are hard to get off.


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